December 4, 2017

Dear God, today I thank you for another year of life!

Today, I am fifty-four years old.  I don’t remember what I thought this age would be like.  I imagine I dreamed I would be a mother of adult children and possibly a grandmother by now.  I probably envisioned a house in the country with a big yard.  It would have been decorated in a simple but contemporary style.

I also am sure I imagined myself to be thin.

But my life doesn’t consist of any of those thing.  No children, grandchildren, and while I do live in a house in the country, I am not living with the love of my life nor do we own the home.  I am a single pastor living in a parsonage.

Oh, and I’m certainly not thin.

But my life is good.  In fact, I would say it is extraordinary.  For the first time in my life I am happy.  I love my vocation, my family, my friends, and I don’t have to worry about every penny that I spend.

So yes, my prayer for today is “Dear God, thank you for another year of life!”  May there be another and another and many, many more.